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Both St Lucia and Anguilla are Eastern Caribbean Islands and part of the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union.

This means that the official currency of St Lucia and Anguilla is the Eastern Caribbean Dollar.

As a general rule, Anguilla is better for travelers who are interested in beaches and tranquility. Alternatively, St Lucia is ideal for a visitor who is looking for entertainment with an interest in natural scenery such as the hiking the famous Piton and visiting a drive in volcano.

Read on for further details and explanations on how these two beautiful Caribbean islands compare. Contribution to this article was made by individuals who visited both islands on vacation.

St Lucia Vs Anguilla: Which Island Is Bigger

St Lucia is the larger of the two islands. It is 238 square miles and the highest point is Mount Gimie which is 3,120 feet.

According to Worldometer, the population of St Lucia at the time of writing was 184,711.

St Lucia is a single island state meaning that it has no dependencies. The head of state of St Lucia is His Majesty King Charles III.

Contrastingly, Anguilla is only 39.38 square miles and the highest point is Crocus Hill with an elevation of 210 feet.

Anguilla is an overseas British Territory and hence not an independent island state.

St Lucia Vs Anguilla: How Does The Landscape Differ?

St Lucia is much more mountainous than Anguilla. As stated above the highest point in St Lucia is 3,120 feet while Anguilla is only 210 feet.

Additionally, St Lucia is greener and lush in appearance whereas Anguilla is flatter and has a drier look and feel. St Lucia also has more rainforest areas when compared to Anguilla.

Nevertheless, Anguilla has Katouche which is an 80 acre estate which has tall trees and foliage and provides a hiking trail for outdoor enthusiasts.

St Lucia Vs Anguilla: Can You Island Hop To Other Islands?

Both islands provide excellent opportunities to island hop via ferry to nearby islands. 

In Anguilla, you can catch a ferry in Blowing Point to either St Maarten which is the Dutch side or St Martin which is the French side of the island.

From St Maarten, there are ferry options to St Barths, Saba Island and St Eustatius.

Additionally, in St Lucia, there is a ferry service available where you can island hop with ease to Dominica, Martinique and Guadeloupe.

Ensure and check visa requirements prior to visiting the islands especially the French Caribbean territories.

St Lucia Vs Anguilla: Which Island Has The Better Beaches

If beaches are your priority, then Anguilla is the clear winner.

There are so many beautiful white sand beaches on the island which embodies the common slogan of the island tranquility wrapped in blue.

One of the most popular and well- loved beach on the island is Shoal Bay East Beach.

This beach is long strip about 2 miles with perfect white sand and clear blue waters. Other well-known beaches on the island are Sandy ground Beach and Rendezvous Beach.

Contrastingly, the island of St Lucia has beautiful beaches with Sugar beach being one of the popular ones on the island.

From there, you can get an awesome view of the famous twin peaks, The Pitons.

However, Anguilla has better beaches with clear turquoise water and white powdery sand of the two islands.

St Lucia Vs Anguilla ( Which Island Is Better To Visit)

St Lucia Vs Anguilla: Which Island Has Better Nightlife

If you are planning a Caribbean vacation and nightlife is your focus, then St Lucia is the better destination.

The Rodney Bay area is one of the popular night life spots.  There is a Fish Fry every Friday with the exception Good Friday of during the Holy Weekend (Easter).

Gros Islet which is the village where the Fish Fry is hosted comes alive with a band and seafood.

Vendors sell barbecues, seafood and a number of different local dishes. One can also purchase various hand crafted items and souvenirs at this event

Alternatively, Anguilla is more suitable to a visitor who wants to relax and spend time at the beach.

There are a fewer number of beach bars and pubs in Anguilla when compared to St Lucia.

Some of the popular entertainment spots in Anguilla include The Lounge Bar, Sky Lounge and The Pumphouse.

However, this does not compare in anyway in size and scale to what you will find in St Lucia.

Although the island is not a hot spot when it comes to night life, Anguilla is located very near to St Maarten which is accessible via a short ferry ride from Blowing Point.  

St Maarten is one of the Caribbean islands with a bustling night life atmosphere.

Visitors who want a bit of both worlds being tranquility and parties with duty free shopping may prefer Anguilla for this reason.

St Lucia Vs Anguilla: Which Island Is More Expensive

Hands down Anguilla is the more expensive destination.

This is mainly due to the fact that a lot of what is consumed on the island is imported.  The island is also marketed and positioned for a more affluent visitor.

Additionally, tariffs are levied on imports by the local Government which makes the price of goods and services on the island much more expensive.

Agriculture is one of the main sectors in St Lucia.

Therefore, some of the items consumed at resorts are grown locally which makes the prices passed on to the final customer more affordable.

St Lucia Vs Anguilla: Which Island Has Better Cuisine

When it comes to fine cuisine, Anguilla is the champion. The island is home to some of best restaurants in the Caribbean.

If you are a foodie at heart you will love Anguilla. There are several high end restaurants on the island where the cuisine is top class.

Even lower end restaurants have excellent food.  So if you are visiting the island, explore and try the many dishes at the restaurants.

Veya Bar is one of the most popular restaurants with a unique tree house setting on the island.

St Lucia Vs Anguilla: Which Island Has Better Amenities

Even though the infrastructure could be improved on both islands, St Lucia has better amenities and conveniences.

As an example, St Lucia has better access to direct international flights when compared to Anguilla.

There are several options available for international travelers to connect to St Lucia.

The island is currently served by several major international carriers from various cities thus making access to the island seamless such as Delta, American Airlines, British Airways, TUI Airlines and Jet Blue.

On the other hand, the only international airline that currently has flights to Anguilla is American Airlines.

There are no flights from London, Toronto or other major international cities. International travelers fly to Antigua or St Maarten and transfer unto smaller airlines such as Seaborne or Winair.

St Lucia Vs Anguilla: Which Island Is Safer

Both Anguilla and St Lucia are extremely safe Caribbean islands and a solo female traveler will be safe at either of these destinations.

Despite being safe to walk around freely as a visitor, due care and safety precautions must be taken as in a medium to high risk country.

Avoid walking around at nights especially in secluded areas. Take only taxis that are authorized by the relevant local taxi associations.

Avoid leaving valuable items such as cell phones, laptops and electronic gadgets unattended.

St Lucia Vs Anguilla ( Which Island Is Better To Visit)

St Lucia Vs Anguilla: What Are The Unique Things To Do

Unique Things To Do In St Lucia

Climb The Piton Mountains- the piton is an incredible twin peaks that are designated as UNESCO World Heritage site since 2004 located at the south of the island.

The Gros Piton is 2462 feet while the Petit Piton is 2619 feet. The Gros Piton is the designated hiking trail while the Petit Piton is rarely climbed.

Visit The Drive In Volcano- The sulphur springs is one of the most visited attractions on the island located in Soufriere which is the world’s only drive in volcano.

Visitors are able to enter at certain points and give themselves a mud bath. It is widely believed that these mud baths have medical benefits.

Unique Things To Do In Anguilla

Visit The Fountain Cavern National Park– this park is located in Shoal Bay East and covers an area of 14.5 acres and is the most iconic attraction on the island.

There is an Amerindian Interpretation Centre (AAIC) built with thatch roof reflecting the typical dwelling of the Taino Amerindians in Malliouhana.

The cave which is limestone was used by the Taino Indians who left stone carvings and petroglyphs. This area has two freshwater swimming pools which are used by locals.

Explore Dive Sites– Anguilla is a paradise for divers due to the presence of wrecks and artificial reefs. There are several exciting parks which include Prickly Pear, Dog Island and Sandy Island.

Final Thoughts

On a whole, St Lucia is an ideal choice for a traveler who enjoys island hopping, beautiful natural scenery such as the famous twin peaks, The Piton as well as a bustling nightlife. Alternatively, Anguilla is an exceptional choice for a traveler whose priority is enjoying the beach and diving.

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