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Georgetown is the capital city of Cayman Islands which comprises of three islands. The islands are called Grand Cayman, Little Cayman and Cayman Brac respectively.

Cayman Islands are located South of Cuba and is a British Overseas Territory.

Georgetown, the capital city is located on the Western region of Grand Cayman which is the largest of the three islands.

In this article, we outline 7 extraordinary things to do in Georgetown that will help you dive deeper into the culture and history of the capital city.

1. Relax On Seven Mile Beach

The Seven Mile Beach is popularly recognized for its world-class beauty and is 6 miles long.

It stretches along the western shore of Grand Cayman and is around 4 km from the Grand Cayman cruise terminal.

There are many things to experience and the presence of lifeguards stationed at multiple sites provides visitors with children with peace of mind.

Seven mile beach is an amazing location for snorkeling and swimming. It is also a beautiful location to enjoy the evening sunset.

If you are in the mood for a little shopping after enjoying the seaside, many shops are located nearby.  One can find souvenirs or trinkets to take home for loved ones.

You will discover several major island hotels and condos nearby Seven Mile Beach.

With its coconut trees and soft sand, Seven Mile is certainly among the Cayman Islands’ most beautiful beaches.

2. Mingle With Locals At The Market Square

The Hamilton Stephenson Farmers’ Market square is a place to experience the custom of Grand Cayman.

It is located at the cricket grounds near the Owen Roberts International Airport and opens from Mondays to Saturdays weekly.

At this location, vendors sell locally grown fruits and vegetables. If a fruit is in season locally, it is available at the market for purchase.

Furthermore, there are also vendors selling locally produced arts and crafts items.

There are also individuals selling handmade jewelery as well as beauty products such as body creams and soaps.

A visit to the market square is great opportunity to interact with locals and get a taste into the foods consumed on the island.

3. Visit The GeorgeTown Library

Located across the street from Heroes Square, is a historic British colonial style building which is the Georgetown National Library.

This is the only public library of on the group of islands and it is walking distance from the cruise port.

One attractive feature of the library is that it offers free wifi which is convenient if you want to check your emails and catch up with loved ones while at port.

There are computers available for use for a fee. The Georgetown Library provides a lovely atmosphere to rest and relax while in the city.

4. Dine and Shop At Camana Bay

This is truly a city in a city. Based on its website, 3,300 persons visit this location daily.

Camana Bay has numerous shops, restaurants, bars, café and cinema. It is located near the famous Seven Mile Beach and is a perfect place to find souvenirs.

There is a variety of clothing stores, jewelery stores, vegan food eateries and more.

5. Explore Smith’s Barcadere Beach

Situated around 3 km from Grand Cayman cruise terminal, Smith Cove or Smith Barcadere is the first coastline a cruise traveler can head to after reaching Grand Cayman.

The beach possesses every facility your family requires, from open-air showers to public restrooms to put on your swimsuit and picnic tables.

Once you change, you’ll have white sand at your disposal and the stunning aqua-blue waters, and you can swim openly when near the coast.

This beach is also excellent for snorkeling as there’s a coral roughly 30 yards offshore with plenty of fish. It is just around a minute away when swimming from the coast which makes it a perfect spot for beginner snorkelers.

However, if you’re an expert, there’s a barrier reef beyond offshore, and you can carry a boat ride to reach there to take pleasure in a more stunning vista of aquatic life.

After swimming, you can bring your children to check out the gift stores nearby that offer regional art and other things that can be packed as souvenirs.

In the evening, the site offers the ideal location to admire the evening sunset. Smith Cove is indeed one of the most incredible places to visit in Grand Cayman.

6. Explore The City of Georgetown

Georgetown is flat in topography and hence it is easy to stroll.

There are a number of stores selling items such as jewelery and perfume which offer duty free purchases. Furthermore, there are also locally own stores that sell handmade items.

St Ignatius Catholic Church is located on Walkers Street in the heart of the city and is a perfect place to stop for prayer and reflection in the city.

The church is usually open and is welcoming to visitors. Feel free to visit the website to confirm the time for mass if you are visiting.

The 1700’s Historic Stepwell located in Bayshore Mall is a unique feature to also see in the city. It is in a souvenir store that sells local craft items and trinkets at affordable prices.

The stepwell was used long ago for gathering water. It can be seen in the store through its glass flooring.

7. Admire Art At The National Gallery

Located on Esterly Tibbetts Highway, the national gallery is a modern structure that has an art library, lecture theatre, sculpture garden, café and more.

The gallery also hosts a number of activities for children as well as poetry nights and craft making events.

It showcases the work of local artistes and it is free to enter. There is a gift shop with art items and locally made craft goods available for sale.

Final Thoughts

We trust that this article is helpful if you are spending time in the capital city. Grand Cayman is a beautiful island and we are certain that you will have a memorable experience.

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