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Are you searching for the best things to do in Grenada? Then, we’ve got you covered in this article.

As Grenadian nationals, we know that our island is truly one of those hidden gems that exist in the region.

It is not a popular tourist destination and as such attractions are often crowd-free.

This truly will make your experience extraordinary and richer as you interact more closely with the locals.

So let’s dive in to 65 amazing ways to enjoy your time in Grenada.

Table of Contents

1. Attend Sabrina’s Treehouse Concert

Do you love music? Grenada is filled with many talented individuals and Sabrina’s Treehouse brings these local talents together.

Visit to experience music and refreshment surrounded by nature in the parish of St David.

2. Visit Annandale Waterfall

This is the closest waterfall to the capital city and hence is a perfect option if you are visiting the island on a cruise ship.

Access is via a paved walkway and at times you can see locals jumping from the rocks into the pool below.

There is a restaurant on site as well as vendors selling locally produced craft items.

3. Walk Through Sendall Tunnell

This structure was built in 1894 and is a passageway to enter the capital city.

Walking through this tunnel is a unique activity and it is best to stroll on the left hand side and outside of peak rush hour time.

Traffic passes one way under this tunnel.

4. Have Afternoon Tea At Towers Estate

This estate is home to a wide variety of local herbs and spices.

Located in the community of St Paul’s, the estate serves afternoon tea with delicious treats which is a great family friendly activity.

Tours of the garden and great house are available.

5. Relax At Mount Pandy Beach

This is a small beach which has both black and white sand which is located nearest to the capital city.

The location is undeveloped but the beach is often frequented by locals with views of the Carenage and the General Hospital.

There are trees along the shoreline and ample place to park your vehicle. The location is also easily accessible via a Grand Anse number 2 bus.

6. Take A Selfie At Fort Frederick

For some of the most panoramic views of the capital city, visit Fort Frederick in Morne Jaloux.

It is situated about 15 minutes from the capital city.

7. Reflect At Leapers Hill

This is a solemn spot which holds significant history on the island.

Located in St Patrick which is near Levera Beach and Belmont Estate previously mentioned, Leapers Hill is where the Caribs leaped to their deaths rather than surrendering to the French.

There is a monument at this location as access is through an active cemetery. There are bathroom facilities as well as a small shop which sells delicious locally produced ice cream.

8. Shop At Art Fabrik

Located on Young Street in the capital city of St George’s, this boutique is the best place for batik fashion and wearable art on the island.

They also sell a wide range of local craft as well as custom made jewelery. This is an excellent stop if you are seeking a souvenir while in Grenada.

9. Visit The Basket Shop

This is a small store right in front on Sendall tunnel mentioned above that sells a variety of items made with straw.

They carry ladies bags, baskets, trays, bins, storage boxes and so much more woven together with straw.

This is another awesome place to visit in the city if you are searching for a gift for your loved one.

10. Eat Oil down

This is the national dish of Grenada made with breadfruit as the primary ingredient.

Oil down is prepared with various types of meat, vegetables and cooked in coconut milk.

February is a great month to visit for oil down as the island celebrates its independence.

11. Hike To Seven Sisters Waterfalls

These majestic wonders lies among the Grand Etang Rainforest and consists of seven stunning waterfalls.

The pools are amazing for swimming and relaxing.

12. Have Brunch At A Tea House

Grenada is known for its spices and hence there is an abundance of herbs.

Golden Bliss Natural Teas is located in the Bruce Street Mall and they have teas available in a variety of flavors.

Some of these include turmeric, sour soup, ginger, mint, sorrel, ginger and so much more.

They also sell items such as sandwiches, pastries, accessories and iced teas. So if you are looking brunch or a snack while in the city, this is a great location to visit.

This location is situated inside of the cruise ship terminal.

13. Feast On Organic Chocolate

The chocolate grown on the island of Grenada has received many awards internationally for its superior quality.

Jouvay Chocolate factory offers exclusive tours where you can see how these are processed to produce some of the finest bars on the island.

At the time of publication there are seven chocolate factories that have ventured into processing the raw cocoa into chocolate bars.

These are available at most of the tourist shops as well as supermarkets on the island.

A great location in the city to savour the taste of Grenada’s chocolate is at House of Chocolate.

The establishment is located on Young Street right next to Courts.

House of Chocolate sells various treats made with chocolate.

There is a small museum on the inside where staff can provide more information on the history of cocoa as well as how the beans are processed.

14. Relax On Grand Anse Beach

Grand Anse Beach is regarded as the best on the island which spans a magnificent three miles.

The beach is white sand with calm and turquoise waters. It shares its shoreline with many luxury high end resorts such as Spice Inn and Coyaba Beach Resort.

There are also popular restaurants such as Umbrellas Beach Bar and 61 Degree West.

The Grenada Craft Centre is located near the Catholic Church where you can buy a range of local souvenirs.

15. Take An ATV Tour

See the island via dune buggies which are exciting as it allows visitors to navigate unpaved roads and trails which provides a richer experience of the island.

16. Dive To The Bianca C

This location is truly one of the most spectacular on the island and is an old ship which sank in 1961.

There was one person who died out of the 673 passengers on the ship.

Ideally, more experienced divers should attempt this dive due to its depth.

17. Take A Selfie On The Welcome Stone

Situated in the Northern parish of St Patrick, this majestic location is one of the most photographed spots on the island.

Welcome Stone offers panoramic views of Levera National Park and the surrounding areas.

This is truly the perfect spot to get your selfie while on the island.

18. Visit Laura Herb & Spice Garden

This is the perfect stop to experience the flora, fauna, herbs and spices.

This guided tour is educational as you learn about the spices and their uses.

There is also a gift shop on site where you can purchase locally made souvenirs.

19. Tour A Nutmeg Factory

Visitors get a first-hand experience at how nutmegs are graded and packaged.

The first nutmeg tree was introduced by Hon Frank Gurney with seeds sourced from Banda, Indonesia in 1843.

It was first planted on the Belvidere Estate in the parish in St John where this processing station is also situated today.

Grenada is the second largest producer of nutmeg in the world after Indonesia. There is a shop on site where you can purchase spices are well as other souvenirs.

20. Learn About Grenada’s History At The National Museum

Want to learn more about the history of the island? Then visit the national museum which is located on Young Street.

It is situated near the Courts building and House of Chocolate mentioned above.

Tours are available which will enlighten you on the history of the island covering the revolution and the European settlement on the island.

21. Attend The Sunset Food Festival

Hosted every month in the parish of St Mark, the Sunset City Food Festival draws food lovers from all over the island.

Vendors serve local food and drink as well as there is a live band providing entertainment late into the evening. This is a great event if you want to taste the national dish, oil down.

22. Eat Street Food Around The Island

In the capital city and around the island, you will observe vendors selling street foods which you should try.

Over the weekends, there are often barbeque stands which you can buy chicken, pork and other types of meat and dishes.

Roast corn is a favorite by both locals and visitors alike. Another street food item which is a favorite of the children is snow cones

So definitely, look out for the snow cone man who is usually selling on a bike.

23. Attend Grenada Chocolate Festival

If you are a chocolate connoisseur, then this festival is a perfect event for you.

Hosted annually during the month of May, Grenada Chocolate Festival brings together chocolate experts around the island to host a series of events.

These include chocolate experiences, talks on chocolate and it health benefits, spa experiences and so much more.

24. View Amerindian Petroglyphs

If you are visiting the Northern region of the island and you love viewing historic carvings, make a stop in Mt Rich and Duquesne.

There you will see various carvings engraved in rocks which are estimated to have been made around 1,000 AD.

25. Watch A Movie

Peradventure you enjoy looking at movies on a big screen, Triple Reels is the cinema on the island located in the Grand Anse region at Excel Plaza.

This mall on the South of the island is located near the Republic Bank round about.

There are usually movies both for children and adults.

26. Have Lunch At Belmont Estate

When touring around the island, one of the best places to stop for lunch is Belmont Estate.

This property spans a glorious 400 acres and is a 300 year old working plantation.

There is also a chocolate factory where you can taste the variety of chocolate bars made by the estate.

Also, there is a goat dairy farm and beautiful gardens, perfect for taking pictures.

27. Watch A Sporting Activity

Cricket and football are the two most popular sporting activities.

It is not uncommon especially on weekends to see a game at local community areas around the island.

Major sporting activities are hosted at the Grenada National Stadium at Queen’s Park.

Football enthusiasts should find out of if there are any Waggy T Super Knockout Football Tournament games in progress.

These are well attended by locals with local artistes providing entertainment.

28. Dive At The Underwater Sculpture Park

Do you know that Grenada is home to the very first public underwater sculpture park?

Designed by the legendary British Sculptor, Jason de Caires Taylor, the park features unique sculpture installations which embodies Grenada’s culture and history.

Art installations include the Christ of the Deep, the Nutmeg Princess and the Ring of Children.

29. Enjoy Fine Dining At Dexter’s Restaurant

Highly regarded as one of the best restaurants in Grenada, Dexter’s Restaurant is one of the best locations to enjoy a sumptuous meal.

To visit appointments must be made. Feel free to contact this restaurant on 1-473-449-1397 for an exquisite experience.

30. Take A Bath in A Sulphur Spring

Grenada is blessed with sulphur springs which are excellent for naturally detoxing your skin.

A bath in a sulphur spring is rejuvenating and the minerals in the water are exceptional for aiding in various skin conditions.

31. Enjoy Wildlife At Lake Antoine

This lake is home to a variety of wildlife and is great spot for ornithologists or a bird lover at heart.

Some of the species of birds often seen as this location include ducks, limpkins and seed finches.

32. Unwind At Camerhogne Park

Located near to Grand Anse beach, this park is one of the best green spaces in the South.

The park has benches, trees and parking area and is a nice place to read and relax.

It is also ideal for children to run and play.

33. Trek To Fedon’s Camp

This is the second highest peak on the island which stands at an elevation of 2,510 feet situated between St Andrew and St John.

Alternatively, the tallest peak is Mount St Catherine which has an altitude of 2,757 feet.

This was the base of the iconic Julien Fedon who led a slave rebellion in March, 1795.

Nevertheless, the trail can be challenging especially when there is rain.

The beautiful Bailey’s waterfall and cave can be seen on route to Fedon’s camp.

34. Hike To Mt Plaisir Waterfall

Located in the parish of St John, this spot is peaceful and lovely for swimming amidst nature.

It takes about 45 minutes to arrive at this location and there are other waterfalls about one hour hiking upstream.

35. Climb Mount St Catherine

This is the tallest peak on the island on which you can get superb views of the surrounding areas of St Andrew.

As mentioned above, the mountain has an altitude of 2,757 feet.

36. Stroll The Island’s Southern Coastline

Want to learn more about the bays and beaches on the Southern end of the island? 

Then this relaxing walk with Nature Lovers Tours is one to consider. Feel free to reach out to them 14734178207 to learn more.

37. Unwind At Quarantine Point

This is a quiet park area located between Grand Anse Beach and Morne Rouge Beach.

There are sweeping views of these two beaches at this location as well as benches and tables where you can sit and read or eat.

During the Christmas season, this location is transformed with beautiful Christmas lights and activities for children.

38. Enjoy A Live Band At Umbrellas Beach Bar

Situated on Grand Anse Beach, this is one of the most popular restaurants in the South of the island.

It is the perfect place to stop if you need a snack while on the beach. They serve a delicious selection of main meals, sandwiches and wraps.

They offer customers free WIFI as well as bathroom facilities.

39. Have Pizza At Rick’s Café

This is a local restaurant that serves basically light bites but is known for its delicious pizzas that are cherished by Grenadians.

The pizza at Rick’s is a favorite fast food among locals.

40. Attend Street Food Wednesdays

Are you in Grenada on a Wednesday evening? Then, this is an excellent activity to consider on the entertainment mid-week calendar.

Street food Wednesday hosted at True Blue Bay Resort brings together vendors who use local ingredients to create mouth-watering dishes.

Due to the popularity of this event, it is advised to book a table. Feel free to contact 14734438783 at no extra cost to make a reservation.

Vendors commence selling at 6:30 pm with live performances starting at 8pm.

41. Spend The Day At Mount Edgecombe Plantation

Located in the parish of St Mark’s, this plantation has an active farm with cocoa trees, fruit trees and other crops that is used to prepare meals at the restaurant.

There are three types of day passes offered and the property provides an excellent atmosphere for unwinding and relaxing.

42. Shop At Spiceland Mall

This is one of the most prominent malls on the island and is an excellent venue if you are looking to shop while on the island.

The mall features banking services, supermarket, perfume store, bookstore, souvenir shop, jewelery store, food court and so much more.

43. Get Married

Grenada is packed with many romantic and breathtaking locations perfect for a proposal and also for a wedding.

Getting married on the island is seamless as residency is not required and you can obtain a marriage license in as little as 24 hours.

There are a lovely blend of resorts and hotels where you can obtain a wedding and honeymoon package.

Sandals La Source Grenada is an excellent all inclusive resort with has various wedding and honeymoon packages.

So if you are dreaming of a Caribbean wedding, Grenada is an excellent option to consider.

44. Lime On Wall Street

If you are in Grenada on Friday evening, then Wall Street in Grand Anse is a great place to visit to grab a local snack and socialize with the locals.

There are usually food trucks and other vendors in this location selling burgers, fried chicken, fries and other light snacks.

45. Have A Roti At Chaddon Beni

For one of the best rotis in Grenada, visit Chaddon Beni which is located in Le Marquis Complex in the Grand Anse area.

This restaurant sells roti with goat, lambi and chicken filling. They also have items such as aloo pies and doubles.

46. Try Popcorn Munchies

Did you know that there is a company in Grenada that manufactures and sells gourmet popcorn? Well, that is true.

You can find Popcorn Munchies at local supermarkets as well as look out for them at various events around the island.

47. Walk To Adelphi Falls

Accessible via a 45 minutes’ walk from the main road in Birchgrove, this fall truly gives visitors the opportunity to rejuvenate in the midst of the island’s flora and fauna.

48. Have A Burger At Petite Anse Hotel

If you are touring the island and seeking a place to stop for a meal and to relax, the restaurant in St Patrick is a great spot to consider.

Surrounded by five acres of lush vegetation the restaurant provides uninterrupted views of the sea and neighboring islands.

They also offer a day pass as well as host a mouth-watering Sunday barbeque. Petite Anse Hotel is also an excellent place to stay if you want to explore lakes and waterfalls in the North.

49. Go Bowling

This is one of the newer businesses on the island located near the Maurice Bishop International Airport.

Lavo Lanes is the only bowling alley company in Grenada and is a great location for hanging out with friends.

The establishment has big screen which makes it an exceptional place for watching major sporting activities.

50. Kayak at BBC Beach

This is the next popular beach on the South of the island which is located in the Morne Rouge area.

Unlike Grand Anse Beach, BBC beach is not situated on the Grand Anse bus route and hence you will have to pay additional off route charges for one of these buses to drop you off at this location.

Morne Rouge Beach or BBC beach as it is fondly referred to by the locals is a calm bay which makes it perfect for novice swimmers and small children.

There are numerous almond and grape trees on the shore which are perfect for relaxation.

Individuals also participate in water sporting activities such as kayaking and stand up paddle boarding.

This is a perfect location if you are seeking quietness and seclusion as opposed to the hectic Grand Anse Beach.

There are beach bars located on the shore for refreshment with La Plywood Beach Bar Café being one of the favorite of locals and visitors alike.

51. Hike To Tufton Hall Waterfalls

This waterfall is special as it is the tallest on the island. Located on the West coast of St Mark, Tufton Hall is 300 feet tall.

This hike can be a bit challenging.

52. Visit Concord Waterfall

This majestic waterfall is located in the parish of St John on the island’s West coast.

The waterfall is easy to access and hence is a perfect location for bathing in a waterfall.

There is a souvenir shop nearby. At times, the undercurrents can be strong; it is wise to exercise due care and caution while swimming.

53. Visit The Honey Shop

Do you love honey to add to your teas and meals? Then visit a beautiful honey shop at Esplanade and Bruce Street Malls.

The award winning phytoMed honey is rich in taste and they also have honey crystal jars which can be excellent souvenirs.

Also ask about the limited edition honey herb spice and chocolate.

54. Go Hashing

Looking for a fun way to learn the island connecting with locals? Then join Grenada Hash House Harriers while on island.

Almost every week, this group meets and explores various spots around the island.

The group has between 150 to 300 runners and walkers and they explore not only mainland Grenada but also the sister isle of Carriacou.

55. Hike To Fontainebleau Waterfall

Located about thirty minutes hike from popular Concord Waterfall, Fontainebleau is ideal for persons seeking a remote and secluded paradise.

The water at this location is cool and blue truly is ideal for nature lovers at heart.

56. Go Turtle Watching

Levera Beach in the Northern region is the home of turtles on the island.

Experts have confirmed that these turtles come from as far as Ireland and West Africa between March and August to lay their eggs.

These turtles are on the verge of extinction with only one in every 1,000 making it to adulthood.

Tours are available where you can see the turtles coming from the sea and making their nest in the sand where they lay their eggs.

It is also a breathtaking site seeing the baby turtles making their way to sea.

Hereunder are some things to in the smaller dependencies of Grenada being Carriacou and Petite Martinique:-

57. Tour The Belair National Park

A visit to this location will truly reveal the history of sugar cane on the island with the windmills and old French and English ruins.

This site is where various cultural festivals are held such as Carriacou Maroon Festival and the String Band Music Festival.

58. Have Dinner At Cassada Bay

Located in Belmont, this resort has one of the best restaurants in Carriacou. The resort serves salads, light bites, sandwiches, main courses and desserts.

59. Lime At Wayne’s Bar

This is an excellent location for socializing on the weekends in Carriacou. During the weekends, music begins from 6pm.

The bar also has a big screen which makes it a perfect venue for watching sporting activities with your friends.

60. Enjoy A Meal At Mr. Grill International

This local restaurant is known for having delicious meals. There is an international menu available as well light bite items.

During festive times, Mr. Grill International at times has breakfast specials.

61. Have Dinner At A Traditional Old Boatyard

Enjoy A tasty meal at The Original Slipway which is a modern restaurant which uses fresh ingredients for its dishes.

Located in Hermitage, this restaurant offers breathtaking views of the sea.

62. Spend The Day At Sandy Island

For a quiet day on 20 acres surrounded by white sand and turquoise waters, Sandy Island is a must visit.

Accessible only a short boat ride from the award winning Paradise Beach in Carriacou, this location is perfect for swimming and snorkeling.

The island is uninhabited and hence no amenities are available.

63. Unwind At Paradise Beach

Voted as the number one best beach in the Caribbean according to USA Today for the year 2022, Paradise Beach truly is unspoiled.

The beach is calm and is perfect for swimming with uninterrupted views of Sandy Island mentioned above.

64. Trek To Anse La Roche Beach

This serene, secluded spot is perfect for individuals seeking privacy and tranquility.

The beach is accessible via hiking from High North Range and was previously featured in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean.

65. Hike The Piton

Situated on the island of Petite Martinique, the Piton is the highest point on the island and is 750 feet above sea level.

The summit provides uninterrupted views of the Grenadines islands of Mayreau, Canouan, Mustique, Union Island and Palm Island.

Bad Things About Grenada

We know that you are excited about visiting Grenada but hereunder are a few things that you should be mindful of so that you can plan appropriately.

1. Weather

During the summer season, the heat could be unbearable. If you do not like the heat then visiting during the early months of the year is advised.

Remember to pack your sunscreens as the temperatures are extremely high especially during the summer months.

2. Sandflies and Mosquitoes

While the heat could be tough to handle, the rainy seasons comes with sandflies and mosquitoes.

Individuals with sensitive skins should consider insect repellent and ask if hotels can provide a net at the time of booking.

Peradventure, you get stung and it leaves a mark, look for local cocoa fat which is sold at all the pharmacies around the island.

Just buy it and rub it on the mark and overtime it will disappear. Trust us.

3. The Threat of Natural Disasters

Grenada is located outside of the hurricane belt but it does not mean that the island has not had its fair share of damage due to hurricane.

On September 7th, 2004, the island was ravaged by Hurricane Ivan which damaged over 75% of the island’s housing stock and infrastructure.

Therefore, it is advisable that you consider travel insurance if you are traveling between the months of June and November.

For affordable and effective insurance coverage in Grenada, we recommend World Nomad Insurance.

Travel insurance is not only prudent in the event of travel delays or interruptions due to hurricanes, but also injury while doing an excursion.

4. Lack of Amenities

Grenada is a small island and if you require amenities, it may not be the best on the island to visit.

 If you require specialized health service or even medical experts, Barbados or Jamaica may be more suitable Caribbean destinations to consider.

5. Lack of Variety

Along the same lines as amenities stated above, there are many items which you may not be able to find on the island.

There are no retail businesses such as Target or Walmart. Additionally for the ladies, there are no Sephora or Ulta stores.

Therefore, if there is specialty food that you like ensure and pack it. Makeup can be challenging as well as find on the island, so do walk with all your needs.

6. Narrow Roads

There are several areas around the island where the roads are narrow and winding.

This may make it challenging for visitors to drive on the island.

Driving is on the left hand side. Kindly note that public transportation is difficult to access on Sundays.

Where To Stay In Grenada

The island is blessed with apartments, cottages and all inclusive hotels within a range of various prices.

For budget friendly accommodation in the South, we recommend Siesta Hotel and Blue Horizon Hotel.

Both properties are within walking distance to Grand Anse Beach, Spiceland Mall, commercial banks, Wall Street and many more businesses.

For a couples only resort, we recommend Sandals La Source Grenada which is s short five minutes’ drive from the Maurice Bishop International Airport.

If you are interested in exploring the waterfalls, beaches and lakes in the Northern region of Grenada, we recommend Petite Anse Hotel.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Grenada Popular For?

Grenada is known for spices and is the second largest producer of nutmeg in the world after Indonesia. As a result, the island is fondly known as the isle of spice. Furthermore, Grenada is also known for other spices such as cloves, cinnamon, mace, ginger, tumeric and so much more.

Does Grenada Have Nightlife?

Nightlife in Grenada is primarily centered on clubs, bars and restaurants. Dexter’s Restaurant is truly the best on the island when it comes to fine dining. Lavo Lanes is a bowling alley which is great for watching sports on big screens and socializing with friends.

Is Grenada Safe?

Grenada is a safe destination and crimes usually occur when a conflict is resolved negatively. Nevertheless, petty crimes such as theft can occur.  Despite being a safe destination, it is critical that due care and diligence is exercised as with every other country.

Is It Worth Going To Grenada?

Grenada is an amazing island to visit for individuals seeking peace and relaxation. The island has excellent white and black sand beaches with turquoise waters, hiking trails, rivers, lakes and spectacular waterfalls. Alternatively, nightlife is restricted to clubs, bars and restaurants.

Final Thoughts: 65 Best Things To Do In Grenada

We trust that you found this article comprehensive as you decide what to do while in Grenada.

The island is truly a jewel and we know that you will find your stay unforgettable.

Remember if you are visiting during the rainy season to walk with your insect repellent as well as safeguard yourself with travel insurance in the event of any travel disruptions.

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