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St George’s is the capital city of Grenada located in the parish of St George and is the hub for commercial and economic activity on the island.

Grenada is well loved by tourists as it is one of the safest islands in the Caribbean.

In this article, we cover the best things to do in St George’s especially for persons who are only on the island for a short period of time.

Read on for further details about best things to do in the capital city of St George’s, Grenada written by a Grenadian.

1. Stand Up Paddle Board On BBC Beach

BBC Beach is located in Morne Rouge and is home to SUPCarriacouGrenada which is a company that provides paddle boarding tours.

The beach is calm with gentle waves which makes it the perfect site for this activity.

Morne Rouge Beach is near Grand Anse Beach but its location is not on the public bus route.

 It is approximately 15 minutes walking and about 5 minutes driving. A public bus will charge you an additional fee to drop you at this location.

However, it may be challenging as you will need a ride back to the Grand Anse area as getting a taxi at this location may be difficult.

The official name of the beach is Morne Rouge Beach but it is affectionately called BBC beach by locals.

For persons who are considering exploring the island of Carriacou, this activity is also available.

2. Relax On Grand Anse Beach

This is the most popular beach in the South of the island and is adored for its breathtaking two miles stretch of white sand.

It is the perfect site for swimming, snorkeling and sunbathing. There are lifeguards at this spot for your added safety.

The Grenada Craft Centre is situated at the right end the beach near the Catholic Church which is a great location to purchase all your local souvenirs.

If you will like to know more about some of the best souvenirs in Grenada, click on the previous for this resource on our website.

3. Have Lunch At Chadon Beni Restaurant

Situated in Le Marquis Complex, which is within walking distance from Grand Anse Beach mentioned above, this restaurant is the perfect place to visit for persons who love Caribbean flavors.

This spot is well loved for their various types of rotis, doubles and aloo pies. You have the option to either dine in or order food for take away.

Chadon Beni is a fantastic place for lunch.

We also have an article on our site on the best restaurants in Grenada which you should read to know where to find top tier cuisine.

4. Dive At The Underwater Sculpture Park

Would you believe that Grenada is the place where the first underwater sculpture park was constructed by British Sculptor, Jason de Caires Taylor?

Well, this detail is true and it is one of the most popular attractions on the island for dive enthusiasts.

The sculpture park is located off the coast of Molinere in the parish of St George.

The success of this project has led to the roll out of sculpture parks in other countries such as The Bahamas and Mexico.

Visitors access the park via speedboat from dive sites many of which are located on Grand Anse Beach.

Some of the popular dive shops include Native Spirit, Eco Dive and Dive Grenada.

5. Savor The Flavor of Chocolate

A visit to Grenada will not be complete without enjoying the flavors of chocolate which is locally grown.

House of Chocolate is a café located in the heart of the city, is the perfect spot for a relaxing stop while touring the capital.

The location is cozy with a variety of drinks and treats made with chocolate.

There is an area where an employee is available to explain more about chocolate and how it is grown, harvested and processed.

6. Go To Street Food Wednesdays

When planning your adventure to Grenada, Wednesdays is a great day to visit True Blue Bay Resort for street food Wednesdays.

This event is hosted by the above resort in the South of the island and it brings together vendors who prepare a variety of authentic local cuisine.

If you want to taste the famous national dish of the island which is oil down, Street Food Wednesdays is the event to attend.

Due to the high volume of persons that frequent this event, it is prudent to call to reserve a table. The contact number is 14734438783 and it is free to make a booking.

There is usually a live local band which provides entertainment

7.Enjoy Afternoon Tea At The Towers Estate

Located about fifteen minutes’ drive from the capital city in the community of St Paul’s, this estate offers an exotic afternoon tea experience.

Teas served are from the herbs grown on the estate from Wednesdays to Fridays. At times, this is available on Saturdays.

The afternoon tea is accompanied with cakes, sandwiches and other tasty treats. The Tower Estate also offers garden and the great house tours.

For more information and to make a reservation, feel free to contact 14734403243 or [email protected].

8. Do A Walking Tour of The City Centre

The capital city of Grenada is surrounded by the sea and is picturesque. One of the first stops you should make is at the Bruce Street Mall.

There are numerous shops in there offering food, clothing and a wide range of items.

An interesting store to visit is the The Honey Shop for locally produced honey.

At times, the store also has special items such as the Limited Edition Honey Chocolates.

Sugar and Spice also has a retail presence which is one of the oldest local brands of ice cream established in 1985 on the island.

They often serve local flavors such as nutmeg and coconut.  Also check out the smoothie shop where you can get drinks made with local tropical fruits in season.

For souvenirs, Joann’s has a wide selection of items to choose from. The mall also has jewelery stores.

Grenada is known for its spices and once you exit the mall you can find the Grenada market in the middle of the city.

Here you will find vendors selling a range of locally produced items and spices which are great memorabilias of the island.

The capital city of the island is hilly and for a visit to the local Cathedral you will be required to climb a steep incline.

Therefore, it is prudent to wear comfortable footwear.

9. Visit Annandale Waterfall & Forest Park

Grenada is home to 20 waterfalls with Annandale waterfall situated nearest to the capital city.

Many of the other waterfalls are accessible via hiking trails such as Au Coin Waterfalls and Golden Falls.

Nevertheless, this is not the case with Annandale. Access to the fall is via a paved walkway where you can observe the flora and fauna of the island.

If you are adventurous in spirit, you may choose to take a bathe in the falls. There is a restaurant on site as well as individuals selling crafts and other souvenirs.

10. Take Pictures At Fort Frederick

Located in the community of Morne Jaloux which is about 15 minutes’ drive from the capital city is Fort Frederick.

This site offers some of the most panoramic views of the capital city and the Grand Anse area.

This is an amazing location for pictures and drone footage of the island.

Final Thoughts

We trust that you found this article informative especially if you have only a short time to explore Grenada.

We are confident that you will love the serenity, charm and natural beauty of this Caribbean island.

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