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If you are searching for the best things to do in St Vincent & the Grenadines, we’ve got you covered.

As Caribbean nationals, we can affirm that the island has numerous exciting and unique  attractions especially for nature enthusiasts, dive lovers and individuals seeking  private island escapes.

So hereunder is a list of amazing things to do while in St Vincent & the Grenadines which is divided into three sections.

First we will explore things to do in St Vincent and then we will zero in on things to do in the capital city of Kingstown.

Finally, we will summarize things to do in the Grenadine Islands.

Let’s begin.

Things To Do In St Vincent

1. Hike La Soufriere Volcano

This is indeed one of the most famous attractions on the island and is a must complete hike for persons who enjoy trekking.

Nonetheless, the trail is long and challenging. Hence, it is more suitable for advanced hikers. It is also recommended that you go with a guide.

Visitors tend to begin from Bamboo Range on the Windward side of the island. The mountain peak stands at an elevation of 4,048 feet and consists of nine miles.

The volcano currently still active but is safe for exploration.

2. Feast on Madungo Bakes

A visit to St Vincent & the Grenadines will not be complete without tasting the island’s exotic madungo bakes.

Made with arrowroot, St Vincent & the Grenadines is the world’s largest supplier and processor of this root starch.

In addition to the madungo bakes, arrowroot is used to make porridge for young children as well as incorporated in gravies to thicken the mixture.

The Arrowroot Mill located in Owia which is in the North Eastern region of the island provides tours so you can see the arrowroot processing.

Annually, the island celebrates Arrowroot Festival in May with singing, dancing and feasting on many local treats made with arrowroot.

3. Relax At A Black Sand Beach

Due to the volcanic nature of the island, there are numerous black sand beaches.

Some of the breathtaking locations to visit include Richmond Beach, Buccament Bay, Mt Wynne Beach, Sandy Bay and Black Point Beach.

Black sand beaches are rich in minerals such as magnesium and iron which have benefits in detoxifying and purifying the skin.

4. Climb Vermont Nature Trail

This trail is perfect for bird watchers as many of the bird species especially the famous St Vincent parrot has made Vermont Nature trail their home.

The trail is approximately two miles long and is best for more experienced hikers as the difficulty level is about medium.

Furthermore, Vermont Trail can be challenging if there is rain so be mindful of this. On sunny days, it may be suitable for children.

5. Visit Dark View Falls

Situated in the Northwest region on the Leeward side of the island, these are two majestic waterfalls.

The trail to the falls is easy with a ten minutes stroll from the parking lot and is perfect for individuals of all ages.

The falls are positioned one above each other which forms a pool at the bottom perfect for bathing and relaxing.

There are facilities such as a gazebo, restrooms and changing rooms so you can spend the day here comfortably.

6. Go Birdwatching

If you are an ornithologists or a bird lover at heart, the lush forest and the island’s mountainous terrains provide a safe haven for over 170 species of resident and migratory birds.

The St Vincent Parrot (Amazona Guildingii) is the national bird which can be seen in the Botanical Gardens.

The Vermont Nature Trail mentioned above is also home to the national bird.

Other species that can be found in St Vincent & the Grenadines include Whistling Warbler, Brown Trembler, Lesser Antillean Tanager and Antillean Crested Hummingbird.

7. Swim In Baleine Falls

This is one of the hidden gems on the island due to its obscure access via boat through a narrow valley between cliffs.

Surrounding by green lush forestry, the rock plunge is 60 feet creating a freshwater pool where you can swim and relax in the water.

This is a must visit location for the adventurous at heart.

8. View The Petroglyph In Layou

This park is located near Buccament Bay in Layou and is home to huge boulders with carvings.

It is believed that these petroglyphs date back to the period AD 300 and AD 600. There is a small fee for entrance and also a visitor centre as well as gazebos onsite.

This is a nice park not only to view the petroglyph but to relax and have a picnic near the Rutland River.

The Petroglyph in Layou is currently on the UNESCO World Heritage Site tentative list.

9. Relax At Montreal Garden

Located in Mesopotamia, which is considered the bread basket of the island, this garden is a peaceful site to behold.

There is a small fee to enter where you can enjoy the flora and fauna of St Vincent in a serene, safe and tranquil environment.

The garden was created by Timothy Vaughn and is truly a magnificent jewel.

10. Scuba Dive At The Japanese Garden

This dive site is appropriate for divers at all skill levels where visitors can see coral outcrops, sea fans, fishes, lobsters and other sea creatures.

The name Japanese garden comes from the beauty of the site which resembles that of a well maintained “Japanese garden”.

Other amazing dive locations to consider include Anchor Reef, Back Door, Fizzy Reef, Capital Wrecks and Layou Wall.

Things To Do In Kingstown, St Vincent

1. Explore The Botanical Gardens

Located a short bus ride from the capital city of Kingstown is the oldest Botanical Gardens in the Western Hemisphere.

This garden is peaceful and showcases the wide range of flora and fauna on the island.

The 20 acres garden was founded in 1765 and has facilities such as performance area, bathrooms, gazebos, tour guides and craft shop for a comfortable experience.

The Botanical Gardens is also home to the first breadfruit tree brought by Capital Blyth of the Bounty fame in 1793 to the Caribbean.

2. Read At The National Public Library

Just a short stroll from the bus terminal in the market is the National Public Library which is a quiet location for those who may be interested in reading or responding the emails.

The library offers free Wifi facilities as well as a comfortable seating environment if you want to read and relax while in town.

The facility has a range of information on the history of the island as well as hosts programs especially for children.

Perfect place in the city if you need to get a bit of work done while on vacation.

3. Treat Yourself To The Local Cuisine

A visit to the capital city is the perfect place to sample the amazing food on the island.

The market square area where the bus terminal is located which Vincentians fondly call Tokyo is a great location to start.

There are vendors selling a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.

Fruit vendors sell items such as bananas, pineapples, watermelons, grapefruit, oranges and other fruits that are in season.

Vegetables such as tomatoes and cucumbers are also sold.

Others sell breakfast items such as fry chicken and bakes. You can also treat yourself to coconut water, barbeque chicken and roast corn from street vendors.

Another spot to check out especially on weekends is Heritage Square where persons sell typical West Indian cuisine.

You can create your own meal based on the local menu of the day.

And if the sun is hot and you are seeking a drink, look out for the snow cone man selling flavored shaved ice served with condensed milk on top.

4. Buy Beauty Products At Jazzy

If you love skin care and self-care, then a visit to Jazzy’s all natural beauty store at the cruise ship berth is the ideal place to visit.

The shop features body butters, soaps, creams, facial scrubs and hair creams all made from plants and herbs grown on the island.

Natural products such as cinnamon, charcoal, coconut, vanilla, cocoa bean, turmeric, goat milk, lemon grass, neem and moringa are infused in the products.

The coconut and vanilla body butter is one of our favorites. Products can be purchased via their website and they provide shipping services worldwide.

Enjoy Spectacular Views At Fort Charlotte

This is one of the breathtaking locations with sweeping views of Kingstown and the Grenadine Islands.

The fort is a few minutes from the city centre and sits on a 600 feet ridge above sea level.

Construction of the fort began in 1763 and was completed in 1806 and named after Queen Charlotte who was the wife of King George III.

5. Shop At The Joshua Centre

Upon completion of the Argyle International Airport which was operational from February 14th, 2017, the former E T Joshua Airport was refurbished and converted to the Joshua Centre.

There are now shops, banking services as well as a food court.

The Joshua Centre is situated in Arnos Vale and is easily accessible via public transportation from the bus terminal in Kingstown.

6. Swim Villa Beach

Regarded as the best beaches on mainland St Vincent, Villa Beach is a calm and peaceful location for persons seeking a white sand location.

This spot is easily accessible via public transportation from the city centre and is about ten minutes’ walk from the Joshua Centre mentioned above.

Villa beach shares its shoreline with many hotels such as the Windjammer Landing Beach Resort.

Things To Do In The Grenadines

1. Retreat to Petit St Vincent

The many Grenadines islands provide privacy and serenity for persons seeking to getaway.

Petit St Vincent is only 0.2 square miles and 44 miles away from mainland St Vincent.

The entire 115 acre island is a resort which features 22 villas, yoga pavilion and spa.

The island is truly a perfect location if you are seeking serenity and peace.

Feel free to visit their website to learn more at Petit St

2. Attend The Bequia Music Festival

Music lovers from all over the world flock to the tiny island which is only seven square miles and nine miles away from mainland St Vincent.

The annual Bequia Music Festival is one of the most popular of its kind in the Caribbean as it attracts a wide range of local, regional and international artistes.

The atmosphere on the island is what truly makes the experience remarkable as locals and visitors alike bond over their fondness of music.

3. Spend The Day In Young Island

This is the nearest Grenadine Island to mainland St Vincent which can be accessed via a two minutes boat ride.

From Villa Beach, beach lovers can see a clear view of Young Island. The island has one of the best restaurants in St Vincent with delicious dishes made with local ingredients.

The restaurant is part of a 13 acre resort with approximately 29 villas.

Fort Duvernette which is a 18th century rock fort is still on the island. The view from this fort is breathtaking.

Young Island is the place where the legendary Johnny Depp lived while filming Pirates of the Caribbean.

4. Escape To Palm Island

Are you seeking a secluded and untouched place to escape? Then, Palm Island is the ideal island to visit.

It is situated 41 miles away from mainland St Vincent and is only 0.2 square miles in terms of size.

The entire island is a private resort surrounded by magnificent turquoise waters.  The resort features 43 rooms.

The island has five white sand beaches, hiking trails and a range of lush flora and fauna.

To learn more about the resort, check out Palm Island Grenadines.

5. Bask On Salt Whistle Bay Beach

Regarded as one of the best beaches in the Grenadines, Salt Whistle Bay is definitely a place to visit for pristine white sands with turquoise waters.

Located on Mayreau, an isle even further South than Bequia and is 35 miles away from mainland St Vincent.

The amazing Salt Whistle Bay has acquired multiple awards over the years.

It was voted among the top 50 Finest Beaches worldwide and mentioned in the Paradise Found part of “50 Best Locations of a Lifetime” by National Geographic Visitor Special Edition.

6. Learn to Kitesurf On Union Island

Located 36 miles from mainland St Vincent, Union Island is the spot for kitesurfing in the Grenadines.

The island has uncrowded beaches as well as strong winds which makes it ideal for this sport.

J T Pro Center Kitesurfing School offers professional classes for beginners as well as advanced kitesurfers.

Classes can be adapted when required to skill level of the student.

7. Dive In The Tobago Cays

The pristine waters of the Tobago Cays provides a home to four main dive sites which are filled with green turtles, fishes and other sea creatures.

These are horseshoe reef, petit tabac reef, number 9 reef and End’s reef. The entire marine park is a protected reserve for the five islands.

These islands are Jamesby, Petit Bateau, Petit Rameau, Petit Tabac and Baradal.

There are several regulations to preserve the integrity of the marine park such as all divers must be accompanied by a local guide and it is against regulations to damage or remove corals from the park.

8. Buy A Handmade Boat Model

Known for superior quality in boat building, a visit to Sargeant model boat shop is definitely a must on the island of Bequia.

Every boat is made by hand and the business has been in existence for over fifty years.

Feel free to visit the shop and you can have the boat assembled to your liking. You can also reach out to them via phone on 1-784-529-2421 or [email protected].

This is truly one of the best souvenirs from St Vincent & the Grenadines as it represents the history of the country as well as it is tangible and long lasting.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is St Vincent & the Grenadines Most Famous For?

St Vincent & the Grenadines is famous for Arrowroot as it is the world’s largest supplier. Arrowroot is used to make the popular madungo bakes as well as porridge for young children and as a thickener for gravy. During the month of May, the island hosts Arrowroot Festival with singing and dancing.

What Is The Best Beach In St Vincent?

Villa Beach is the best beach in St Vincent which is loved for its white sands and calm waters. The beach offers an uninterrupted view of the Young Island. The beach is easy to access via public transportation from the capital city of Kingstown.

What is the national animal of St Vincent?

The St Vincent Parrot (Amazona Guildingii) is the national animal of St Vincent & the Grenadines which can be seen in the Botanical Gardens. Additionally, The Vermont Nature Trail is also home to the national bird which is located in the South. The trail is mountainous with dense vegetation.

What is Nightlife Like in St Vincent & the Grenadines?

The nightlife in St Vincent & the Grenadines is typically centered around restaurants, bars, clubs and socializing with each other. Some of the best nightlife spots on the island are Drop Off Night Club, Kendol’s Bar and Barcode Pub.

What Is The National Food of St Vincent?

The national food of St Vincent is breadfruit and fried jackfish. This is typical served with golden apple juice once the fruit is in season. St Vincent is the Caribbean island where the first breadfruit tree was brought by Capital Blyth of the Bounty fame in 1793.

Can I drink water in St Vincent and the Grenadines?

The water in the tap in St Vincent & the Grenadines is safe to drink. The water is collected, treated and distributed. At times, due to factors such as heavy rainfall, the water in the tap may be turbid. Locals often purchase spring water from suppliers.

What language do they speak in St Vincent?

English is the official language spoken in St Vincent & the Grenadines. Nevertheless, the locals speak a form of broken English or creole to communicate among themselves.

Final Thoughts : 25 Best Things To Do In St Vincent & the Grenadines

We trust that you found this article helpful as you plan your vacation in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Feel free to continue browsing as there are many more resources on this island which you may find useful for your vacation.

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