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The Caribbean Islands are well known for its beaches, many of which offer breath taking views and clear blue waters.

In this post, we summarize the best turquoise beaches in the Caribbean famous for their blue and turquoise waters.

Read on for further details about the best turquoise beaches in the Caribbean.

1. Trunk Bay, St John, US Virgin Islands

Located in the smallest of the main US Virgin Islands, Trunk Bay Beach is one of the most photographed beaches in the Caribbean.

St John is unique island as two thirds of the island is protected as Virgin Island National Park.

Trunk Bay Beach has over a quarter of a mile of white sand with underwater snorkeling trail.

There is an entrance fee as well as amenities such as beach chair rentals, restrooms, beach bars and life guards.

2. Grace Bay, Turks & Caicos Islands

Located on the island of Providenciales, Grace Bay Beach is the pride of Turks and Caicos and it has won many awards both regionally and internationally.

Grace Bay Beach is part of Princess Alexandra National Park and known for its calm and turquoise waters.

It stretches three miles long and there is a barrier reef located about one mile off shore to keep the beach still and safe.

Grace Bay Beach shares its shoreline with many high rise and luxurious hotels on the island.

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3. Eagle Beach, Aruba

Eagle Beach is one of the most popular beaches on the island.

It is located in Oranjestad, the island’s capital city and is over 1000 metres long. Additionally, Eagle Beach is the widest beach in Aruba.

It is known for its white powdery sand and there are shaded areas with parking available. Turtles are fond of nesting on Eagle beach.

Best Turquoise Beaches In The Caribbean ( A Complete Guide)

4. Shoal Bay, Anguilla

This beach truly embodies Anguilla’s slogan tranquility wrapped in blue.

It is 2 miles long with perfect pinkish white sand and clear blue waters.

Shoal Bay shares its shoreline with many hotels, restaurants and beach bars. The beach is perfect spot on the island for diving, snorkeling and kayaking.

5. Grand Anse Beach, Grenada

Grand Anse Beach is the most popular beach on the Caribbean island of Grenada. It is also the beach that is located nearest to the cruise port terminal on the island.

It costs only USD$1from the cruise terminal to Grand Anse Beach.

The beach has many almond trees and sea grapes.

The area of the beach near the Catholic Church tends to be the calmest while the area on the other extreme end tends to be much rougher.

This beach is a 2 mile stretch of white sand beach and there are life guards stationed there for your safety.

There are several high end hotels on this beach such as Spice Island Beach Resort, Allamanda Beach Resort and Coyaba Beach Resort at this location.

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6. Salt Whistle Bay Beach, Mayreau, St Vincent & The Grenadines

The majority of the beaches in St Vincent are mainly black sand due to the island’s volcanic composition. However, the Grenadines are filled with incredible beaches.

Salt Whistle Bay located on the tiny island of Mayreau is a treasure.

There is about 2.5 miles of powdery white sand with palm trees, sea grapes and local flowers and fauna on its shores.

7. The Baths, Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands

When it comes to beaches, the Baths in Virgin Gorda is in a category all by itself. This is a unique national park on the southwest coast of the island.

This beach has massive boulders which forms sea pools which are a geological wonder. There is a fee required for access to this beach.

The Baths is an ideal location for swimming and snorkeling.

8. Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Located near the island’s capital city Georgetown, Seven Mile Beach is the most popular beach in Grand Cayman.

Its white sand and clear blue water has won this beach many awards in the past and is a favorite of many visitors to the island.

Seven Mile Beach shares its shoreline with several hotels, restaurants and beach bars on the island.

This beach is an excellent spot for water based activities such as kayaking, swimming and parasailing.

9. Magens Bay Beach, St Thomas, US Virgin Islands

With over 40 beaches on the island, Magens Bay Beach is one of the favorite of locals and visitors.

Magens Bay is a beautiful one mile stretch of white sand.

It has calm waters with no reefs or sharp currents which makes this beach perfect for swimming and great for children.

An entry fee is charged to keep the beach and facilities in good order.

10. Negril Beach, Jamaica

Jamaica has a variety of beaches both black and white sand.

However, Negril beach is Jamaica’s most famous with white sand and beautiful water.

Negril is located a little over one hour away from the international airport in Montego Bay.

There are many things that you can enjoy on this beach such as kayaking, snorkeling and scuba diving.

This beach is family friendly with many bars, restaurants and entertainment spots on its shoreline.

Best Turquoise Beaches In The Caribbean ( A Complete Guide)

11. Flamenco Beach, Culebra, Puerto Rico

This award winning beach is a favorite of both locals and visitors to Puerto Rico.

Its calm waters make it ideal for children and activities such as scuba diving and snorkeling.

There are several amenities available at Flamenco Beach such as lifeguards, bathrooms, showers and camping areas.

Final Thoughts

Hope this post is valuable especially if turquoise beaches are your priority when visiting the Caribbean region.

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